Krishna Kumar Did An Interview With Me On Software Development



My fellow blogger Krishna Kumar from Thought Clusters asked me a few questions about the situation of the software industry in Bulgaria and my blogging inspirations. I was very happy to give him this interview and to answer his questions.

Krishna KumarHis blog is devoted to project management and he has original ideas about how to manage people. I think he believes that we lack some thinking and understanding for the others and this is why I feel his blog so close to my blogs PM Stories and Stop and Think!. And probably this is the reason why I like his blog so much.

What we discussed in the interview

In the interview we talked about the qualities of the project managers:

  • How should they take and share responsibility?
  • What are the leader’s qualities the have to develop in themselves?
  • What are the challenges when you work with people from different nationalities and cultures?

Read the interview here. You may find some food for thought.

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