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My First Article For Quality Matters Magazine

Quality MattersI was invited to write an article for the Quality Matters magazine, which was a great honor. The first issue is out and there you can find my article Why Cutting Off Testing When The Project Is Late Is A Bad Idea. The magazine is available only online in PDF format. You can download it absolutely free (52 pages!) from its web site (only a short registration is required). I hope that very soon it will be available on paper, too.

The magazine is devoted to the quality assurance activities in the software development process. It has the ambition to present some of the best authors in that area and I am really proud to be one of them. The articles are very good and Quality Matters raises the bar very high with its first issue. I wish the publishers faith and devotion to keep it valuable and useful. I hope to have again the opportunity to write for the magazine in the future.

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