CIO Top 100 Companies For 2008

The CIO magazine announced the top 100 companies for 2008 that are creating new business value by innovating with technology. The chart in the magazine’s site shows the winners and their winning projects. For each company you can see their industry or revenue, their project type and the main technology, the primary business function and its impact. You can click on the company name to get more details or you can click on the tabs to sort the data.

It is intersting to notice that giants like IBM and HP are always “subscribed” to charts like this while Microsoft, for example, is missing. What impresses me most is that a great part of the companies Jim Collins analyzes in his books Built to Last and Good to Great are present in this list. This means to me that he really found the right ingredients for creating a great company and I strongly recommend you these books.

Take a look at this chart and I will be glad if you share your comments about the companies enlisted.

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