Recommended Readings: Project Risk Management

Risk managementBeing a project manager means you have to deal with uncertainty. It always brings negative reactions among the project managers and their upper management. As Bas de Baar says:

The problem with risk management is the negative image of the word “risk”. […] The tendency of most stakeholders is to jump very stressfully at the statement “this is a risk”. Therefore most of the time it’s not very easy to discuss about risks, because that’s always a conversation about problems. It’s very important the risk is not perceived as a bad thing, but as a positive attitude to make sure everyone will become a winner in the end.

Remember, risk management helps you being aware of the goals you have to achieve, and what can happen if you don’t satisfy the goals. It supports you in making the right choices!

So, have no fear of risks! In order to help you and to give you courage and self-confidence today’s recommended reading are devoted to the project risk management.

Happy reading!


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