How Did You Become a Project Manager – Survey Results

More than a month ago I published my post How Do People Become Project Managers? about a survey performed at the Projects@Work site and I decided to ask the same questions to my readers. Only 9 people participated at my survey but the interesting thing is that their answers concur with the answers given to the Projects@Work’s survey.

Here are my questions and their answers:

1. How did you become a Project Manager?

  • By accident – 7 (77%)
  • By choice – 2 (22%)

2. Did you have formal PM training before your first assignment?

  • No – 7 (77%)
  • Yes – 2 (22%)

3. Do you like being a project manager?

  • Yes – 6 (66%)
  • No – 3 (33%)

The answers my readers gave bring me to the same conclusion I made in my previous post: people come to the project manager’s profession surprisingly and unprepared. Nevertheless, most of them begin to like their work and find it interesting.

I wonder what could it be if we had more training and a better promotion to our profession…


  • Bunk says:

    Very interesting statistics. Its funny how sometimes people can just ‘stumble upon’ professions that that they dont plan on pursuing yet end up enjoying the overall expereince of it in the end. Great post!

  • Mike Ramm says:

    Thank you Bunk!

    The funniest thing with me is that I wanted to become a project manager but I didn’t know the real nature of the profession at that time. So, in time I got more and more surprises but nevertheless I love it! 🙂

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