Programmer’s Day


I was reminded today about the “unofficial” Programmer’s Day. I don’t think there will be an “official” day ever. And in fact, I don’t think anyone cares. What is more important is just to have more reasons to celebrate! And we love to celebrate! 🙂

The logic about this day is that September 13th is the 256th day of the year and 256 is very important number for the programmer’s brotherhood. It’s a great idea but I’ve also heard about the 128th day of the year and why not celebrate the 42th day? It’s hardly possible to find a programmer who doesn’t believe in the magical nature of the number 42 🙂

Long time ago, when I was a first-year student in the University, me and my company defined another date to be the programmer’s day and it was defined with and algorithm! We announced the programmer’s day to be the first Saturday of April when it’s not the first of April (simply because it’s another holiday :-)). If the first Saturday happens to be on the first of April then the programmer’s day would be on the eighth of April. Why did we choose that time? Well, because then the weather becomes warmer, the spring is coming noticeably and you can go on a picnic in a fresh air. We may be programmers but we are not moles and we value the sun and the air like everyone else.

So, today is a holiday and it should be honored.
I congratulate all the colleagues working in the field of Information Technologies and everyone who feels like a programmer on The Programmer’s Day.

Happy Programmer’s Day! Cheers!


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