Project Management and Hiking

HikerGlen Alleman wrote a great post in his blog Herding Cats entitled Agile Planning. There he makes an interesting comparison between the hiking “projects” and software ones and asks serious questions to the adherents of the Agile methodologies.

He says:

Hiking requires Planning and Scheduling and Execution. Alternative plans are needed, alternative schedules always happen and alternative execution choices are always there. So what’s all the noise about Planning and Scheduling in agile software development?

And more:

Preparation is the key to a successful hike

Why wouldn’t…
Preparation be the key to success for a project?

To argue otherwise – that planning, preparation, sequencing, and execution performance management – is not needed is dangerous in the hiking paradigm. Why do we think these activities are not important in the project management paradigm?

Good questions to ask ourselves and especially those religious fanatics who claim that their extreme approach with no planning is always a better solution than the traditional management methodologies.

Read the whole article here.

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